MyoBrain Philosophies


When working with MyoBrain be confident you're receiving a plan that's backed by the latest nutrition and exercise research. Through our private Facebook group you're constantly given cliff notes of the newest research and how it can be applied to your specific goals. MyoBrain Education is free for all current clients and provides 5-20 minute videos going in-depth on FAQ and hot topics in the fitness field. 


While science is the starting point, we also consider coaching an art. Our primary goal is to help clients with consistency and habit change long-term. The plans are flexible and minimally restrictive. Our nutrition plans can be followed even when life isn't perfect, such as traveling or eating out. Your training plan will be tailored to your schedule and time commitment to the gym. We merge the science with practical application to create the best experience and results for each client. 



The coach client relationship at MyoBrain is second to none. There are no cookie cutter programs. No automated emails. No limits to how many times you can contact your coach. We take your athletic and health goals just as serious as we take our own. 

  • Skype or phone call upon starting up

  • Individualized spreadsheet with program and nutrition tracker

  • Weekly e-mail checkins provided via video response.

  • 24/7 email access