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  • Bachelors of Science Biokinetics from Bethel University  


  • Eat to Perform Certification

  • Working Against Gravity Coach Certification


  • Bachelor of Science in Biokinetics

Competitive Experience

Gameday Championship 2016/2017/2018

Granite Games 2016/2017/2018

Dakota Games 2018

Chattanooga Half Iron Man 2019

Gameday Rochester 2019

Coaching Philosophies

I started exploring the weight room and focused eating habits in middle school. When I wrestled, I had to maintain a certain weight-class. I thought the best way to not gain weight was to simply eat less if I was outside of my division. Fueled by ramen noodles and mountain dew, my performance was subpar to say the least :) 

Just like everyone else, I've had my own journey of growth and understanding with my training and nutrition. My sophomore year of college, my roommates and I decided we wanted to be 'healthier' for 1 month. The approach we took was to run 2 miles daily, cut out sugar and eat less. We were constantly hungry and we just thought this was part of the process of being 'healthy', so we drank water and moved on. At the end of this month I may have looked 'fit' but I can tell you this was not a great place to be physically or mentally. Energy was way down.

In College when I pursued a Bachelors of Science in Biokinetics, I started to explore various methods of training: Boxing, bodyweight stuff, and eventually Crossfit. With Crossfit I have gained a deeper understanding of all aspects of wellness (strength, nutrition, mobility,recovery etc) and I am continually learning more. It's amazing to see what the body is capable of through discipline. There are so many ways people demonstrate this. Whether that is through running a marathon, gymnastic movements, swimming at dolphin-like speeds, or so many more ways people have put in time to a particular movement, and their bodies become this incredible machine to accomplish these feats. What I love about this field is that no matter what your goal is, a well balanced diet and exercise positively impacts all aspects of life. With the things I have learned, I decided to get my nutrition certification so I can help others with their goals and steer them away from the mistakes and roadblocks myself and so many others have encountered. My hope as a coach is to help bring awareness to your choices and create something sustainable for you so that you don't see this is a quick-fix diet, but a way to feel empowered to incorporate any of the foods you desire while making progress on the goals you have set for yourself.


Outside of lots of Crossfit, I love to check out new coffee shops, spend time on the beach, longboard, cheer on the best NFL team (MN Vikings), eat sushi, walk my dog and spend time with family & friends. I love the challenge Crossfit brings and I think it's fun seeing the progress that comes over time. Balance is definitely an area I continually think about and that's why I think it's important to make fun snacks, get out and try new things. Go scuba dive, join the intramural softball league, experience different cultural foods and be the cool kid going to bed at 845PM getting 8+ hours of sleep.