What's So Wrong With CrossFit? Part 2 - What Could Improve

This is a continuation of part one, where I discussed what I liked about CrossFit and why we (bodybuilders, powerlifters and kippers, I mean CrossFitters) should all hold hands around the campfire instead of slang mud at one another. But in all seriousness, check it out if you haven’t. In this installment, I want to discuss what I think could be improved upon within CrossFit, whether that be programming, attitudes, diet and business.

What's So Wrong With CrossFit? Part 1 - What I Love

Recently, I’ve became infatuated with CrossFit. Be then my thoughts were simple: CrossFit equals injuries, cheating pull ups and stupid dietary habits. Then, I realized I’ve never actually looked into the concepts of CrossFit. I’ve never actually watched them train or heard their philosophies.

Boy was I wrong.

I decided to take a more objective (and intelligent) look at CrossFit, here are my thoughts.

What's So Wrong With CrossFit: Part 3 - Paleo

In part one, you learned what I love about CrossFit. The community, the compound exercises and the whole food diet approach. In part two, you learned what I don’t like about CrossFit. This included poor exercise programming for certain individuals and an examination of seven different claims of why the Paleo diet is so great.

In part three I want to further examine the Paleo diet, but now, take a look at what you shouldn't be eating and if the claims have merit.

5 Benefits of Training with a Pause

I will bring up specificity in nearly every training article I write, because it's that important, it lays the foundation for everything else. 

With that being said, paused work is highly specific to powerlifting. It's literally the same movement with a pause.  So you naturally expect a large carryover to lift and here are some reasons (other than specificity) why. For brevity I use only the squat as an example in this article.